Name Cora
Codename Kore
Species Vulpes (unknown)

Age 3 years
DOB Month ##, ####
Residence N/A
Reputation Prestigious Loner

Sexuality Heterosexual
Dating Status Taken
Interests Stryder

Mother Palaemon, Exvius
Father Aberrant
Family Disaster/Ambrosia

Height 2'2"
Build Lithe, petite
Pelt Black, white and some grey
Eyes Canvas of blues

Tattoos Hourglass with rose
Scars N/A
User Cora
Relationship Status Single
Age Get to know me
Pets 3 fur babies
Deviantart TBU
Art Status Commissions Open
This female is literally a social mess. She is a very curious vixen who would rather flee than have much social contact. She can be quite aggressive after confrontation, but she will not usually attack unless provoked or hatred for the person.

Unlike with others, when this female shares a bond, she becomes way more comfortable and clingy around them. She's incredibly submissive to those she cares about, but she becomes quite aggressive over mates and companions.

In other words, this female is a very maternal, curious and protective figure. She's extremely silent at times, and she's known to be quite the cuddler. She does not do tantrums or drama, as her anxiety/depression causes her to have either severe migraines or discomfort, and she is EXTREMELY agile towards those who come to her with such.

  • Stryder - Her protector, Cora likes this male a lot. She hopes despite what a mess she is, he sticks around. Of course, she'd like to get to know him more, but she does possibly hope for a future.
  • NAME - Entry.
  • NAME - Entry.
As Cora continues her journey, each important role play date will be documented here.

  • Oct. 14, 2019 - Stryder and Cora begin courtship, potentially to be shipped and become mates.
  • #### - Entry.
  • #### - Entry.
Going to add photos soon, and a quite a few pieces of art. Stick around.

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